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Mamma Pads - Silicone Nursing Pads

Easy & pleasant use

Thanks to a very thin, medical adhesive coating, the breathable silicone nursing pads stay in place without any further help. The adhesive coating on a soft high-tech silicone pad can adapt to practically every shape of breast. Due to surface tension, it applies gentle pressure which slightly but reliably presses the nipples inwards. The use of breathable silicone as straps and adhesive material creates an unexpectedly high wearing comfort. Silicone enables a gas and oxygen exchange very similar to skin. A principle which is used, for example, with long-term contact lenses based on silicone. As soon as the pads are applied, everything feels completely natural and they are practically not noticeable anymore.

Inspiring technology

Uses gentle pressure to prevent mother‘s milk from leaking

Outstanding skin compatibility

Long-lasting adhesive effect

Pollutant-free medical device

Many advantages which convince

After they are put on, Mamma Pads are practically not noticeable anymore. Pleasant wearing comfort that bears no comparison to conventional nursing pads. Worn under the clothes they are almost invisible - a real advantage with close-fitting T-shirts or evening gowns. A unique advantage is that you can sleep at night with the silicone pads even without a bra. No other nursing pad offers you this comfort. Thanks to their durable adhesive layer, Mamma Pads are also very inexpensive in use: The pads can be simply cleaned after each application with soap and warm water and can hence be used up to several hundred times. Essential for smart spenders!

And in case of problems?

Mamma Pads create an altogether drier skin micro-climate, which helps prevent inflammation or thrush. Negative impairment of milk production can be excluded, as large amounts of milk are drunk regularly by the baby.

Mainproduct-Name No
SKU 81000000
outer dimensions No
capacity 2 Pieces
Composition 100% Silicone
Washing instructions

Hand wash only, Do not bleach, Do not tymble dry, Do not iron or press, Do not dry clean

Please attend to our general washing instructions!

Mamma Pads - Silicone Nursing Pads

  • The virtually invisible breastfeeding insert
  • Comfortable and non absorbent
  • Uses a natural bodily reflex
  • Non-absorbing, breathable
  • Prevent breast milk from leaking out using gentle pressure
  • Comfortable and skin-compatible
  • May be used up to several months
  • Sleep without a bra
  • Not visible e.g. under a T-shirt, evening gown or bathing suit