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The Theraline Baby Pillow - Safety and Comfort for your Baby

Why does the back of my baby’s head become deformed?
With good reason midwives and doctors recommend to lay your baby on his/her back when putting it to sleep. Thanks to this recommendation the cot death rate in all western European countries has dropped noticeably. Unfortunately, though, the bones of the skull are so soft during the first months of life that with long periods of lying down often a clearly visible flattening and/or deformation of the head (flat head syndrome or positional plagiocephaly) comes along. Often also a bald patch appears on the back of the head.

Protect your baby in time
If you look closely, you will see that nowadays many babies’ heads become deformed to a greater or lesser extent, sometimes coming along with bald patches. Normally, the hair starts growing again in the second half of the first year of life, the deformations regress due to the brain’s growth pressure. Nevertheless, the deformations are often only tolerated for the better protection of the baby and merely regarded as “the lesser of two evils”.

Fortunately the new THERALINE® Baby Pillow now offers your baby both comfort and safety during sleep and, combined with this, helps to preserve the natural shape of the head. The THERALINE® Baby Pillow helps to prevent deformations caused by the sleeping position just like a cosy feather pillow, but without the associated risks.

How does the THERALINE® Baby Pillow work?
A simple idea and a unique design ensure safety and comfort for your baby while sleeping and lying down. Anatomically shaped and perforated high-tech fabric supports your baby’s little head evenly and effectively. For babies already affected by deformations the THERALINE® Baby Pillow can support the faster regression of the deformation*. Thanks to the special fabric it is safe for your baby.

With its special arrangement of two different types of fabric the THERALINE® Baby Pillow is air-permeable. Even when your baby begins to turn and the head comes to rest in the pillow‘s hollow, he/she can still breathe easily through the fabric. Despite the pre-shaped hollow your baby can still move his/her head completely free so that his/her development, the urge to move and natural curiosity are not inhibited.

If your baby is restless when sleeping
During the first month of life, the THERALINE® baby pillow usually remains in position right under the baby’s head, which means the baby will not suffer from any head deformities and most birth-related or pre-natal deformities will regress very quickly*.

Once babies reach 2-5 months of age or if they suffer from existing deformities that have resulted from their sleeping position, they are usually very restless when sleeping, meaning the baby pillow may shift. Therefore, the baby’s head must be placed back on the pillow and repositioned frequently to support a fast regression of the deformation - an extra effort your baby will be thankful for.

Safety first: fastening the THERALINE® Baby Pillow with a hush cloth or under a fitted sheet for example will prevent it from slipping, however, it also reduces the breathability of the special fabric. This is a serious risk once your baby starts turning without assistance.

Tips for dealing with head deformities*
• The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends „Back to Sleep, Tummy to Play“.
• If your baby tends to look in a typical direction when in bed, i.e. towards the door or the window, then turn your baby more often so that the other side of the head takes the weight.
• Once your baby has fallen asleep, lay his/her head down again onto the non-deformed side.
• Use the THERALINE® Baby Pillow whenever possible to achieve an optimum distribution of pressure on the baby’s head.

Characteristics of the 3D fabric
• extremely high air circulation in all directions** – even when weighed down.
• comfortable cushioning properties
• optimal resilience
• good heat transfer
Suitable for age: 0 – 12 months

Attention: Wash at 60° C before the first use!

Note: Avoid putting the baby's head in a tilted position as this may put pressure on the larynx.

After laying the baby's head on the THERALINE ® Baby Pillow, the head and body should roughly form a straight line. For certain head shapes, particularly broad heads, occasionally the baby's head does not sink into the preforming, resulting in the baby's head resting approx. 1.5 – 2.5 cm higher. It is however possible to further enlarge the preforming. Please contact us for further advice if necessary.

*Please always consult your pediatrician if you observe a flat head syndrome on your baby. No claim is made to the variety of individual cases and conditions which may cause a flat head syndrome.
** THERALINE® strongly recommends to put your baby always on its back to sleep and supports the „Back to Sleep“-Campaign of The American Academy of Pediatrics to avoid cot death. Note: The THERALINE® Baby Pillow serves primarily as a preventative measure and is not intended for sole treatment of head deformations. In the case of brachycephalic head deformations in particular, professional medical advice is essential.

Mainproduct-Name The Theraline Baby Pillow
SKU 34000000
outer dimensions 21 x 20 x 3 cm
capacity No
Composition 96% polyester / 4% cotton
Washing instructions

Machine wash at 60 degrees Celsius, Do not bleach, Do not tumble dry, Do not iron or press, Do not dry clean

Please attend to our general washing instructions!

The Theraline Baby Pillow - Safety and Comfort for your Baby


Theraline, leading manufacturer of mother and baby comfort brands has just been awarded two prestigious accolades from leading UK parenting publication: Practical Parenting & Pregnancy.

Coming top in the Baby/Toddler Health Category, Theraline’s Baby Pillow an innovative and safe product that helps preserve a baby’s natural head shape whilst avoiding flat head syndrome, received Gold.

Keeps your baby in an ideal sleeping position
Allows the head to turn
Supports the rapid regression of deformations
Free circulation of air allows your baby to breathe easily
Very good heat transfer
Easy care: washable at 60° C